AiFi Product Prototype

We are proud to announce that we have made delightful progress in the design of AiFi product, an option secured Robo trading protocol. Here we present some initial design of our key features:

  • AiFi’s Info/Rating: Provide info of current Defi platforms such as fees, expected return, liquidity monitor, and other critical stats, as well as risk/reward ratings of Defi products and projects based on criteria.
  • AiFi’s Robo-Advisor: Provide algorithmic crypto asset management and strategy design to maximize return at set risk level through diversification of Defi products portfolio.
  • AiFi’s Option-secured Trading: provide access and data of different liquidity pools to maximize user return. Users can protect underlying asset value and reduce impermanent loss from volatile token price with one-click of the option-secured Defi trading.



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AIFI is a decentralized platform that provides a comprehensive suite of Defi trading and assets management products with advanced option and Robo features.