AiFi Robo Trading Advisory Protocol

2 min readMar 25, 2021

Robo Trading Advisory is a very import feature of AiFi platform, it provides algorithmic crypto asset management and strategy design to maximize return at set risk level through diversification of Defi products portfolio.

But, why do we need Robo Trading Advisory?

Robo-advisors are a class of financial advisers that provide financial advice or asset management online with moderate to minimal human intervention. They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial advice does not require a human advisor. In the conventional finance sector, there are over 100 robo-advisory services. Asset management robo-advice is considered a breakthrough in formerly exclusive wealth management services, bringing services to a broader audience with lower cost compared to traditional human advice. Robo-Advisors typically utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize clients’ assets on the basis of risk preferences and desired target return.

With the rapid development of Defi, a wide variety of Defi products, with different returns, different volatility, different risks are currently available or emerging on the market.

In addition, yield farming strategies are rapidly becoming more complex as users design and build multiple processes to “farm” across platforms to maximize return, which often involve a variety of tokens and other Defi products such as borrowing to gain access to additional crypto assets.

It’s becoming more challenging for users to navigate in the current Defi world. Understanding the risk and reward of each platform and each product is becoming more and more time-consuming. Therefore, there’s a strong need for a similar concept product in Defi, to help users manage their crypto assets.

The key aspiration is providing the info and understanding of risk and mitigation of risk for various Defi and cryptocurrency products. We have detailed data and analysis of the product, as evident from the summary presented in the Info/Rating.

AiFi asset management team consists of highly qualified professionals and equipped with the detailed backend data from the data analytics team to design the best algorithm to maximize return given the risk tolerance of the user.




AIFI is a decentralized platform that provides a comprehensive suite of Defi trading and assets management products with advanced option and Robo features.